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Countdown to Holy Week 2016 - Reality and Faith United!
Starting Friday March 18th 2016 until --- Easter Sunday April 27th 2016

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Church Challenge 2016

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Celebrating 5 Years
blog Bible Study
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The Christian Community Devotional
A Daily Devotional for the Congregational Church Fellowship Style


Christian Community Year Devotional Online, ePub, Mobi, PDF

Alternate study located at


The Evangelical Holy Week 2016 Website, PDF, Docx, Mobi, ePub


The ‹ber Bible 2014 Version
‹ber Bible PDF - Mobi - ePub

All the ‹ber 2014 Bibles -- Download
All the KJV 1611 Bibles -- Download


Three Editions for 2014
The ‹KJV -- ‹pdated King James Version
A Bible project by David Anson Brown

‹KJV-UE 2014 Headings (‹ber) Bible Online, ePub, Mobi, PDF
‹KJV-RE 2014 Reading Bible Online, ePub, Mobi, PDF
‹KJV-AE 2014 Study Bible Online, ePub, Mobi, PDF


The Evangelical Holy Week 2016

Starting Friday March 18th 2016 until --- Easter Sunday March 27th 2016
The Evangelical Holy Week (Easter) 10 Day Timeline Devotional Site - 2016 PDF - Basic Christian PDF

For as (the prophet) Jonah was Three Days and Three Nights in the whale's belly;
so shall the Son of Man be Three Days and Three Nights in the heart of the earth. ~ Matthew 12:40


Basic Christian Ministry Trilogy Project
Basic Christian Statement of Faith
The Pierre Statement on Biblical Doctrines by confessing Christians
Common Christian Confession of Faith

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  • The eCube-Classic Video Adult Version, Kids Version
    A creative, easy-to-use puzzle to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life.
    To download each Video "Right Click" and select "Save Target AS..."

  • Capt. John Brown Documents pdf
  • David A. Brown USMC pdf, docx
  • David A. Brown USMC Bio here


Basic Christian Information List
Contact Info: What is a Christian?
Statement of Faith How do I become a Christian?
Info & Linking Notice I am a Christian now what do I do?
About Us Bible Study Resources

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Military,Veterans, Information: Biblical proof that Jesus is God
Halloween Info: Studying the Four Gospels
War with Iraq a Perspective Bible Number Meanings
Christianity vs. Mormonism Truth vs. Deception
Muslim and Mormonism are Similar Prophet - Teacher Test
Jesus did not have a Wife or child Why the Resurrection is Important
Mark of the Beast 666 Creation vs. Evolution
Pro-Life Resources News, Info & Resources 2004-2012
Common Christian Confession of Faith Wiki: Basic Christian

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Basic Christian: Theology FREE Downloads
Timeline with Jesus the Last 10 days Evangelical Holy Week
7 Miracles of Jesus from the Gospel of John The Pierre Statement
The Royal Priesthood blog Bible Study
Why Sunday Worship for the Church blog History Study
Christmas Traditions Confession of Faith
Thanksgiving Holiday 3C Christianity

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Basic Christian Essentials (Zip)
Basic Christian (PDF) 3C-Christianity (PDF)
Basic Christian: Theology Biblical Proof Jesus is God
7 Miracles of Jesus Studying the 4 Gospels
The Royal Priesthood Bible Number Meanings
Military & Veteran Info Why Sunday Worship
Christian vs. Mormon Did Jesus have a Wife and Child
Mark of the Beast 666 Creation vs. Evolution
Truth vs. Deception Pro-Life Information
10 Areas we can all Agree on! Bible Study Resources & Info
Christmas Holiday Timeline (Easter) Devotional
Halloween Info Thanksgiving Holiday
blog History Study blog Bible Study
Christian Confession of Faith The Pierre Statement on Biblical Doctrines
Wiki: Basic Christian News, Info & Resources 2004-2012
The Jesus Realm Statement of Faith