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1st Corinthians 2:5 That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.


Gnostic: Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens YouTube - Download
The Gnostic Mind Control and Slavery of Star Wars Explained
Disney Exposed YouTube and Hollywood Exposed YouTube
Star Wars Pastors YouTube


Download and Share for Christmas Season 2014
Please Download and Share the Basic Christian Materials - Thank You!

Countdown to Christmas 2014


The Christian Community Devotional
A Daily Devotional for the Congregational Church Fellowship Style


Christian Community Year Devotional Online, ePub, Mobi, PDF

Alternate study located at


Holy Week 2015
Starting Friday March 27th 2015 until --- Easter Sunday April 5th 2015
Holy Week (Easter) 10 Day Timeline Devotional Site - 2015 PDF - Basic Christian PDF


Updated for 2014
The Evangelical Holy Week 2015 Website, PDF, Docx, Mobi, ePub



New: 1611 KJV Bible with Headings MS Word - PDF -- Epub - Mobi -- Online
RSS Audio, Video Downloads and The Summer 2013 KJV verse headings Bible Project
The Jesus Realm (PDF) -- Containing New Info Regarding The Emerging World Court System
Basic Christian Wiki (PDF) -- Containing The Basic Christian Wiki website Material


Download and Share Project
Equipping the Saints 2015

The Basic Christian Ministry is working on a new project to provide Christian Videos and other Downloads at the new website

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Christian Faith Downloads is a
Christian Resource Center with links to many FREE Mp3 downloads

List of FREE Christian Mp3 DownloadsList of FREE Christian Mp3 Downloads

Holy Bible
Authority Edition
Holy Bible
ber Edition
ber Bible included
Basic Christian: Articles
BasicChristian.pdf (PDF)
Basic Christian: Wiki (PDF)
Basic Christian: Info-News (PDF)
Info-News Research 2004-2012
Wiki Audio - Video (RSS)
Select Internet Mp3s (RSS)
RackSpace Cloud Files (RSS)

Basic Christian: blog Bible Study (PDF)
Genesis - Revelation
Basic Christian: blog History Study (PDF)
The 8 Kingdoms of the World
Christian Church History
Basic Christian: Theology
132 Topics: Adoption - Yahweh
Easter Timeline Devotion
10 Day Holy Week Devotional
The Pierre Statement
Biblical Doctrines by Confessing Christians
KJV Bible in Mp3 - Audio Only
FREE Mp3's Complete Bible
KJV Bible in Mp3 - Audio Only
Bible in Mp3 - Audio Dramatized
FREE Mp3's Complete Bible
KJV Bible in Mp3 - Audio Dramatized
Why Choose the KJV Bible?
Kent Hovind Explains
Why the KJV Bible? Kent Hovind Explains
KJV vs Modern Translations A Preview
KJV vs Modern Translations A Preview
Mp4 Download
Antioch vs. Alexandria by Dr. Sam Gipp
Antioch vs. Alexandria by Dr. Sam Gipp
Mp4 Download
NKJV vs The KJV 1611 -- Download
What's the Big Deal about the KJV
Whats the Big Deal about the KJV? - Sam Gipp
Mp4 Download
KJV The History of the English Bible
by Evangelist Shutt
The History of the English Bible by Evangelist Shutt
Mp4 Download
KJV 1611 or 1769
KJV 1611 or 1769
Mp4 Download
Apologetics 315 Sermons: Pastor Joe Schimmel
Blessed Hope Chapel
rss feed mp3's
Unshackled Radio LOTW
Proclaim His Word
Proclaim His Word
Abalone Kid Legend
Abalone Kid Legend
Josh McDowell
Radio Show Mp3 Downloads
Contending for Truth
Shatter The Darkness
God Centered Counseling
Preemption Broadcast Show
With Russ Dizdar
Calvinist Witnessing "Satire" (YouTube)
Calvinism Refuted
Good Fight Ministries Faithful Word Baptist Church

New World Order Bible Versions - Documentary
YouTube (1:46:46) - Faithful Word Baptist Church
Audio (Mp3) - Faithful Word Baptist Church

The 5 Points of Calvinism Refuted - MP3
Modern Bible Versions Exposed - MP3
Catholic Influences on Modern bible Versions - MP3
Evangelical Free Church
Building a Community to Change the World
KJV Online - Concordance
KJV Today - Resources
Basic Christian Wiki: KJV Support
Internet Archive - Sermons Sermon Index
Sermon Index Mp3 Downloads

Lost Seed Mp3's
Music + Messages
Lost Seed Mp3's
CD Tracts - Christian Compilations Mp3's

Firefighters for Christ Mp3's
New Messages
Bible Study Podcasts
Bible Study Podcasts
Discipleship Library Mp3's

Discipleship Library Mp3's
Paws & Tales
Weekly Paws-cast for Children
Paws & Tales Weekly Paws-cast for Children
Bible Stories My Kids Love
Bible Stories My Kids Love
Christian Crusaders
Radio Ministry
Christian Crusaders Radio Ministry
Christian Worship Hour
Old Fashioned Revival Hour
Old Fashioned Revival Hour
Thru The Bible Radio Archives
with Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Thru The Bible Radio MP3 Archives
Bible Summary Preached
One book of the Bible per Message
The entire Bible preached by Ray C. Stedman - One book of the Bible covered per Mp3 message
Baptist Bible College - Chapel
Christian Medical & Dental Associations  Chapel MP3 Archives
Ambassador Baptist College - Chapel
Olive Branch Ministries Art Katz Ministries
The writings and speakings of Art Katz
Art Katz Ministries
Chapel Service Mp3's
Dallas Theological Seminary - Chapel Mp3's
The Veritas Forum
The Veritas Forum Mp3's
Christian Medical & Dental Associations
Chapel 2005-2009 Mp3's
Christian Medical & Dental Associations  Chapel MP3 Archives
Missionary Aviation Fellowship
Missionary Avation Fellowship Mp3's

Word for Life World Ministries

That's My King
Video Download
That's My King S M Lockridge
Video Download
Revival Hymn Video Download
Real Life Radio
Real Life Radio with Pastor Leo Giovinetti

Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship
Women's Ministry
Teaching Through the Bible

Dr. Walter Martin
Walter Martin Ministries
The God Journey
Outside the box of organized religion
The God Journey
Pro-Life Radio Program
Radio Show Mp3 Downloads
CrossTalk Radio
Radio Program Podcast
Radio Show Mp3 Downloads
Christian Testimony Ministry
Some of the best studies on the internet
For Mature Christianity
Christian Testimony Ministry Mp3's
T. Austin-Sparks
Online Mp3 Library
T. Austin-Sparks Mp3's
China Soul
The Cross - Jesus in China
Video Downloads - China Soul

More Than a Carpenter
Explore the truth in this man they call Jesus

Video Downloads
eCube Evangelism
eCube Evangelism
Video Demos: eCube Adults, eCube Kids
Living Waters
Living Waters Evangelism Resources
Xenos Christian Fellowship
Leadership - Discipleship
Christian Audio Sermons
Spiritual Warfare Teachings

Christian Audio Sermons

Messianic Times Magazine Jews for Jesus Audio Bible Studies
Creation Teachings AIG, Downloads
Creation Teaching Audio Mp3's

Dr. Dino Creation Videos
Creation Science Evangelism

Alpha & Omega Christian Worship Center
Alpha & Omega Christian Worship Center - Mp3's
Ex-Cast: G. Craige Lewis
Mini Bible College
Getting People into God's Word

Mini Bible College
and God's Word into His People

The Edge AM Radio Show
Unexplained Mysteries and Conspiracy Realities
The Edge AM Radio Show
End of the World AD 2028
End of the World AD 2028
The Rapture and the Feast of Trumpets
When will Jesus Return (Feast of Trumpets)
Testimonies - Mp3's
JW Info Line
MM Outreach
Tower to Truth
ex-LDS Mormon
Living Waters: Oscar the Mormon
Blog: Mormon Coffee
Nazi's and Fox News
Nazi's and Fox News
What Mainstream Media Won't Tell You
Standup for the Truth
The Narrow Path
Examining the Christian Faith
The Narrow Path
Fringe Christianity - Preterism
The Byte Show
Good Shows, Guests and Topics
The Byte Show
Fringe Christianity - Unitarian

William Cooper: Mystery Babylon Series
Think or be Eaten
Archived Shows

The John Todd Tapes
The Illuminati and Witchcraft

Untamed Dimensions
50 Podcast Shows - Secular View

Out There Radio - Hidden History
50 Podcast Shows - Secular View
rss feed mp3's

Exposing the Apostate Church
The Berean Chronicles
Anointed Country Preacher
Pastor Anthony Wynn
*Holy Ghost Online - Soul Winner - Mp3
Olive Tree Ministries
Radio Program Archives
Radio Show Mp3 Downloads
Radio Liberty
Radio Program Archives
Radio Show Mp3 Downloads
God is Light
God is Light Mp3's
Jesus 2020
Salvation Video
Jesus 2020 Salvation Video


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Common Christian Community
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132 Christian Subjects and Topics -- PDF


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  • 10 Areas and Doctrines where we can Agree to Agree! PDF -- New
  • Truth & Knowledge vs. Lies & Deception PDF -- Updated
  • The eCube-Classic Video Adult Version, Kids Version
    A creative, easy-to-use puzzle to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life.
    To download each Video "Right Click" and select "Save Target AS..."

Common Christian Community
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Basic Christian: Downloads
FREE eBook and PDF downloads
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Jesus Walk 10 Day Easter Week 2015 Timeline Devotional
Jesus Walk 2015 Version (PDF)
Jesus Walk 2015 Version (Online)